We give people pleasure, lift their spirits and make their lives brighter

Our products are made according to GOST standards from raw materials that have passed the input control

We create beer and beverages using our own recipes. Our hopped drinks have received many awards. The brewery has collected 19 gold and 7 silver medals in international and Russian brewery competitions.

Cesky Lev also makes snack products: rye bread croutons and glazed roasted peanuts in various flavors.
Рецептуру, технологии и процесс варки контролируют наши опытные квалифицированные специалисты. Многие сорта пива неоднократно удостаивались наивысших наград на международных
и российских фестивалях и конкурсах пивоварения.

Также мы занимаемся производством снековой продукции: глазированный, жареный арахис
и семечки, ржаные сухарики с различными вкусами.
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Завод Чешский Лев производит пиво по ГОСТу: в составе 4 компонента – хмель, солод, дрожи, вода. Сырье проходит через лабораторию входного контроля, где проверяется качество
и наличие сертификатов. Процесс пивоварения автоматизирован. Готовая продукция проверяется в собственной химико-технической лаборатории.
We use Sapphire, Cascade, Citra, Jatecky, Amarillo, Chinook and other varieties.
For bottom fermentation, we use SafLager W-34/70, while in top fermentation yeast is purchased from the Brewer's Yeast Research Center or grown by ourselves.
We use purified, softened water following the basic brewing requirements.
We use Viennese, Munich, Caramel, Black, Pale Ale and other varieties.
We brew our beer according to GOST standards, using 4-boiler technology and classic ingredients: malt, hops, yeast, and water.
The beer-making process is automated. At every stage, the products are checked by our in-house chemical technology laboratory.
The Company's technologists regularly improve their professional skills and attend training programs given by the world's leading brewers.
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The Kursk brewery Cesky Lev successfully cooperates with bottled beer and foreign partners.
We sell our products throughout Russia and export to China, South Korea, Belarus, and Iran.
Курский пивоваренный завод Cesky Lev успешно сотрудничает с Российскими
и зарубежными партнерами.

Наша продукция продается по всей России, экспортируется в Китай, Южную Корею, Беларусь, Иран.


Kursk brewery Cesky Lev TODAY

  • Annual increase in production volumes
  • Growing customer network
  • Equipment from industry leaders: Krones, Anton Paar, Flottweg, Inoxpa, Alfa Laval, Bitzer, Siemens, Bosch
  • Well-organized input control system for raw materials

  • Quality control at every stage of production
  • Product range that covers all customer needs.
  • Membership in the Union of Russian Brewers
  • Own warehouses
  • Own logistics